Hempastic (™)  is a clothing brand that first of all wants to prove that wearable and sustainable fashion can go hand by hand. It is essential for us to see our clients happy not only with the garment itself, but also understanding that together we’re making small, but yet important steps for a big change.


Although fast fashion in past decades took over the world, because of its benefits as low price, dynamics and consumer economics integration, we can not ignore multiple downsides as waste of resources and slavory, so it is necessary for us and the planet to find better paths. High quality, but yet affordable clothes may cost you more, but it can be worn much longer. Furthermore, it can be worn with dignity. Very important part is eco-friendly and sustainable materials, and we think – the best shot is Hemp.


Well, Hemp was used by man for a very very long time, although it was hardly used for clothing due to it’s firm structure, so it was “kicked out from the game” by wool, cotton and other materials, but now technologies has been developed and pleasant to wear fabrics can be produced.

Hemp grows pretty much everywhere, so it means it can be locally produced avoiding unnecessary transport and environmental costs. It takes much less water than cotton and is naturally resistant to bugs and overgrows other plants, so no pesticides and/or herbicides are involved. 

Hemp is the strongest natural fibre on the planet – at least 3 times stronger than cotton. So if you’re buying clothes made out of Hemp – you know they are durable, and are going to last!


Hemp is breathable and antimicrobial, which means that it will help keep you ventilated and feeling fresh and it is resistant to bacteria growth, so it lasts longer without unpleasant smell.

There are more undisputable Hemp industry benefits, but that’s a story for another time.

And Yes, Hemp is a superplant.



What’s the difference between superplants and superheroes – superheroes are not real!